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044 7967 0721 / 044 4385 7313 / +91 97104 95689

VESTAR Service - Partner


Incorporated in 2008, Eltech Appliances have been a leading player in the air conditioning industry with a strong belief in providing global quality to the Indian consumers.

Their expertise of dealing in global brands and creating rich consumer experience led to the idea of creating Vestar, a value for money brand. The brand not just offers world-class Air Conditioners, but also a diversified range of consumer durables that include Chest Freezers, Air purifiers, Water Dispensers and VRF to cater to the changing needs of the consumer.

Microwave Oven


Built with revolutionary Inverter Technology, Vestar air conditioners keep monitoring and adjusting the speed and power of the compressor to maintain the set temperature in the room. They consume only that much power as required to keep the temperature within the desired range, thereby helping you save energy and power without compromising on comfort. So you can enjoy the best cooling experience at a minimum cost.


An ioniser is an additional filter with advanced air-cleaning technology. It is designed to release positive and negative ions, that purify the air by keeping it free from dust, bad odour and micro-organisms and other small particles that are responsible for allergies to create a safe, healthy and relaxing environment.


Tropicalized Twin Rotary DC inverter compressor ensures quick, quiet and efficient cooling even at high ambient temperatures.