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Every project has different product requirements depending on the size, type, location and application it is intended for. To fulfil the hardware requirements of these projects to the best possible level, you need an expert that will guide you through the process and help you meet all requirements without compromising on the integrity of your design. Häfele’s Specification team intends to do just that so you can relax and get a peace-of-mind experience with our 360˚ comprehensive solutions and services. We can cater to your varying needs with a specialist range of products including electronic access control systems, automatic sliding door systems, innovative movable walls, contactless/ sensor-based furniture lighting and sanitary products as well as a vast collection of essential architectural/ furniture hardware among many.

Our DipGAI certified team and specification consultants have years of experience in the industry. We offer specifications, comprehensive scheduling, product and solution recommendations and quotation service for all our solutions, and the best possible professional and technical expertise in all types of projects.

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HAFELE Marketing Services

We at Hafele lay great emphasis on building strong relationships with our clients and customers. This is clearly reflected in our Marketing operations where the approach is primarily focused on building different methods to communicate directly with our customers. As a result of this, our marketing initiatives are unique in the sense that our efforts and resources are holistically directed towards creating a focused impact on the different customer segments that we cater to. This includes reaching out to our trade partners including our dealer and franchise base; industry experts like Project Heads, Architects and Designers; Media Associates and Partners and most importantly our end-customers. The approach adopted to reach out to each customer segment is uniform and direct while the methods vary according to the individual sensibilities of each customer category.

To enable the deployment of this approach, our Marketing Services department houses a team of professionals who collectively handles every aspect of communication that is directed towards our customers. We have a dedicated Communications and Events Team who handles focused communication with our customer base by way of both conventional and contemporary mediums – including advertisements and advertorials in trade and lifestyle magazines, internal and associated events, exhibitions, sponsorships and most importantly, online marketing.

To support our efforts, we also house a team of Visualizers, Designers and Content Developers who dedicatedly design innovative marketing collaterals like In-store branding, Point-of-Sale literature, Catalogues, Product memos, Electronic Mailers, Newsletters and Brochures spanning all product categories.


Established in Germany since 1923 and now operating worldwide, we specialize in fittings and home interior solutions that improve the way your home works. So when you choose a Häfele product, you know you are getting the benefit of extensive knowledge and decades of experience. This proposition is substantiated with the extensive warranties that back every product that we offer to you. In an attempt to create complete transparency and enable a hassle-free association with our company, we have defined the warranty terms for the different product categories we deal in. These warranty terms also come with easy-to-follow cleaning and maintenance guidelines to improve the efficiency and life of the product you purchase from us. With this commitment, we assure you a confidence in the quality of our products. In case of any clarification or doubt, you may call us on our toll free number 044 7967 0721 / 044 4385 7313 and we will be happy to assist you.

Note: The warranty terms and conditions defined and listed below are applicable for all the products sold in India and bought by Häfele India Pvt Ltd only.

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