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Gorenje - Partner

Gorenje's six decades

It all began as an assembly plant for agricultural machinery. They say there are no coincidences. But for Gorenje to emerge in a form that has persisted to this day, several circumstances had to fall into place simultaneously: impending closure of the existing workshop that could employ the local population; government's post-war industrialization incentives; and ambitious and brave individuals with a clear vision.

The next watershed in Gorenje's history was the relocation in 1958 which allowed the company to launch the production of "Tobi" solid fuel stoves. The number of employees grew tenfold in five years. In this period, the first principles of serial production were introduced. Furthermore, Ivan Atelšek was already aware of how important motivated employees are to success; hence, a sense of loyalty to the company was deliberately built in those years.

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Innovative and creative cooperation

Gorenje's jubilee and the concurrent entry into the new millennium were celebrated by the launch of the Gorenje Pininfarina Collection. Teaming up with globally renowned Pininfarina design studio, Gorenje offered for the first time an entire family of large appliances with uniform design. Sales performance exceeded all expectations.

A vision of the future

Company's ambitious plans saw a substantial setback last year with the onset of the global economic crisis. New measures were taken to secure Gorenje's existence and further development. Professional approach and immense effort resulted in a timely and responsible reaction to the changed market conditions, allowing the company to retain the confidence of the consumers and even boost market shares. Everyone at Gorenje believes that after the crisis, high level of innovation and development activities are the only way to success. Gorenje is more than a brand; it is a junction of people who believe in their own creative power and share a clear vision of the future – for the next 60 years of creativity.